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Bolivian Author to Read at Busboys & Poets DC on 10/13/07

Here is some information about an upcoming reading and signing at Busboys & Poets DC.

Join Bolivian author Juan de Recacoechea and translator Adrian Althoff for a discussion of Recacoechea\’s groundbreaking novel AMERICAN VISA.

What: Author Event. Discussion/reading followed by book signing.

In American Visa an unemployed schoolteacher with a singular passion for detective fiction sets out from small-town Bolivia on a desperate quest for an American visa, his best hope for escaping his painful past and reuniting with his grown son in Miami. Armed with fake papers, a handful of gold nuggets, and a snazzy custom-made suit, Mario Alvarez\’s dream of emigration takes a tragicomic twist on the rough streets of La Paz, Bolivia\’s seat of government. Alvarez embarks on a series of Kafkaesque adventures, crossing paths with a colorful cast of hustlers, social outcasts, and crooked politicians–and initiating a romance with a straight-shooting prostitute named Blanca. Spurred on by his detective fantasies and his own tribulations, he hatches a plan to rob a wealthy gold dealer, a decision that draws him into a web of high-society corruption but also brings him closer than ever to obtaining his ticket to paradise.

When: October 13th, 2007 (Saturday) 4:00-6:00 PM

Where: Busboys and Poets (in the Langston Room) 2021 14th Street NW Washington DC 20009

This event is co-sponsored by the The Bolivian Embassy and The Amherst College Alumni Association of Washington DC .

Who: Juan de Recacoechea was born in La Paz, Bolivia, and worked as a journalist in Europe for almost twenty years. After returning to his native country, he helped found Bolivia\’s first state-run television network, served as its general manager, and dedicated himself to fiction writing. Recacoechea is the author of seven novels. American Visa is his first novel to be translated into English.

Adrian Althoff (translator) is a freelance journalist and translator based in Washington, DC.

American Visa is available for sale at Busboys and Poets Books , which is operated by Teaching for Change , a grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to social justice, starting in the classroom.

Contact: Don Allen GM, Busboys and Poets Books 202-387-7638

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