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Dreamgirls at Signature Theatre Strikes a Chord

What better way to relish in the 2012 election than spending a splendid evening at the theatre with the Dreamgirls?

As of last night the 1982-Tony-winning musical with the book by Tom Eyen and music by Henry Krieger is showing to quite-pleased audiences. Matthew Gardiner who directed and choreographed with co-choreography by Brianne Camp does not miss a beat.

Though I sat nervously watching last night as the split stage went up and down, thank God no actor was hurt in action; in fact, the actors/dancers were so adept at their art that they put me at ease and I focused on the theatrics. The energy level is so revved up that just on shear will power the cast could very well move the split stage on simply their will power–it was that convincing.

In the lead role Nova Y. Payton once again has given a stellar performance as Effie Melody White. Payton along with Cedric Neal as Jimmy \”James Thunder\” Early and a super cast make this musical worthy of a presidential visit by President Obama and First Lady Michelle, to this our truly Tony-winning theatre literally across the river from The White House.

Visit the website for tickets:

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