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Good Reads: Weil\’s "Spontaneous Happiness" & Troncoso\’s "Crossing B

I got an early Christmas gift this weekend and have begun to dip into Andrew Weil\’s latest book, Spontaneous Happiness. Though I haven\’t gotten very far yet, I couldn\’t recommend a more important book for one\’s well being than this one. I should say that I was introduced to Weil via friend and writer C. M. Mayo during my bouts of back surgery. His CD has been a god-send to me for relaxation and meditation. In fact I listen to it weekly. I can\’t wait to get some free time to be able to soak up his easy to grasp advice.

The other book that came by way is Sergio Troncoso\’s collection of essays, Crossing Borders. Having grown up in El Paso, I can relate to his essays on a very personal level. His range and rather interesting family history is noteworthy, with a sister who lived in Iran for a while and his wife being Jewish. I found \”Fresh Challah\” revealing but also personal enough that many can relate to his experience in a very universal manner. I look forward to catching more insights into his personal journey of sorts.

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