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In Solidarity for Free Elections in Iran

Whereas Americans might want to pitch in with regard to the situation in Iran, it is a very tricky predicament.

Having gotten advice with regard to the situation from one of my Iranian students today who spoke with his mother this weekend who lives in Iran, I yield to my student who suggested that the USA stay out of the situation and he further agreed that President Obama is taking the right position.

The situation in Iran is an internal matter and other countries interfering will only make matters worse.

Republicans who are quick to turn situations to their liking should take note.

Of course, who would not want free elections in any country? But the Iranian situation could quickly get out of hand and as one Iranian police was quoted in the New York Times recently (I paraphrase here): Please, I have a wife and children; I don\’t want to hurt anyone.

Who in his right mind wants to argue with that or knowingly would want to cause harm to a people and its country?

Elected officials should not try to enhance their own agenda at the cause of other people\’s lives.

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