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Juan Diego Florez Soars at the Kennedy Center

Photo from his website; visit: Juan Diego

This afternoon Juan Diego Florez proved once again that his talent and ability to hit the high C notes is not a passing thing.

The sold out concert pleased the audience in more ways than one. For one, Florez is really quite soft on the eyes and his vocal ability is heavenly, for while listening one is transported to the emotional milieu he is singing about. For another, sans subtitles one is able to understand his Italian and French and finally his Spanish; he enunciates that clearly. I can\’t tell you how often it is nearly impossible to understand what is signer is singing for the lack of clarity/enunciation, even if sung in English. However, with Florez his clarity is as heavenly as is his ability to emote with such sincerity that one believes him.

Florez began with \”Pria che spunti in ciel l\’aurora\” from Il Matrimonio Segreto and easily won over the audience but it was his ability to hit the high C\’s in \”Ah! mes amis, quel jour de fete!\” from La Fille du Regiment that we all stood and applauded with bravo after bravo.

From here, he came back to the stage and sang three encores, choosing to end with a Spanish love song that showcases his Latin roots while pleasing his numerous fans.

Bravo, Juan Diego Florez, well done!

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