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Literal: Latin American Voices Reviews Poetic Voices Without Borders 2

From Literal: Latin American Voices, Vol. 19/Winter 2009/2010

\”\’The fence behind your house / is the zero border,\’ writes Martha Collins, but it\’s \’Hasta luego and over you go,\’ thus encapsulating the experience of the reader and many of the poets defining, challenging, and redefining the idea of borders in the multicultural, multilingual anthology Poetic Voices Without Borders 2 by Gival Press….

These poets, among 150 others in this collection encompassing nearly 300 poems, erect and dismantle borders in lingual, cultural, national, and personal terms….

[The] desire to cross boundaries, to transform and eradicate them—\’as if to say that within literature there isn\’t a border for the human spirit\’—is the commonality narrowing this wide arc to its flexible focus, and the stated goal of editor Robert L. Giron in his introduction….

Poetic Voices Without Borders 2 is a tool to affect passage through these arbitrary boundaries. It is a literary passport for traveling beyond imposed limits, and one to keep close for handy reference, for as Collins assures us, \’You crossed the border hours ago.\’\”—Chip Livingston

For information about Literal, a bilingual magazine, email: or write: Literal: Latin American Voices 770 South Post Oak Lane, Suite 530 Houston, TX 77056

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