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Marie Holmes Wins 2006 Gival Press Short Story Award

In addition to collecting the prize of $1,000.00, Ms. Holmes\’ story will be published on the Gival Press website (Gival

Marie Holmes, who was raised in various places, but mostly in Portland, Oregon, has been living in New York for a while now. She earned an MFA at Sarah Lawrence College. Her stories have appeared in the Coe Review and Blithe House Quarterly, and her work is forthcoming in the Teacher\’s Voice. She earns a living teaching Spanish to New York City high school students.

The following were the finalists: How to Date a Dead Guy by Pierre Hauser of New York City.

Port Launay by Thomas L. Small of Skytop, Pennsylvania.

The Night After by Sejal B. Ravani of Los Altos, California.

A Crane\’s Foot by Patricia Brieschke of Waccabuc, New York.

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