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New Fiction Collection by Hemil Gracía Linares

“Cuentos del Norte, Historias del Sur” by Hemil Gracía Linares

With “Cuentos del Norte, Historias del Sur (Short Stories from the North, Histories from the South)” Hemil Gracía Linares gives us a fresh and descriptive look at life in the North with eyes from the South. The tales in this collection (Editorial Casatomada S.A.C., Peru, 2009) are quite believable and the characters jump off the page due to their human qualities which are emotionally drawn on the page for the reader. From “Ana y el sol (Ana and the Sun)” to “El Huracán (The Hurricane)” to “La noche que me acosté con el diablo\” (The Night I Slept with the Devil) García Linares meticulously paints individuals with deep-rooted hopes and aspirations while succumbing to the realities of a hard life in order to continue the walk of life.

Clearly, with this collection of stories, Peru can add García Linares as one of its up and coming writers. It’s with anticipation that this reader looks for future works by him.

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