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President Obama\’s Honeymoon Is Over

Having voted and supported President Obama, it pains me to declare that President Obama via those under him, mainly the Department of Defense among others, has turned his back on his own promises \”for change we can believe in\” and has in effect made numerous Americans quite angry.

The appeal recently submitted to support the Don\’t Ask, Don\’t Tell policy includes language that is insulting, such that the New York Times editorial today also calls on President Obama to retract the language. That plus President Obama and Congress should stand up and speak up against the violation of civil rights in this country.

Now, we know that The Obama White House is going to also hold to the Bush White House policy of keeping the list of guests to the The White House private. I thought we lived in a democracy and that Obama and all the Democrats who were elected or re-elected were married to the rhetoric they used during the campaign period.

If folks who believed in the promises Obama sold us on don\’t speak up now, then they only will have themselves to blame if things continue to mirror the Bush era instead of the Obama era we all voted for.

If Obama needs to become more aware of what his administration is doing, then so be it.

If folks who supported Obama and other Democrats with time, talent, and donations don\’t see a change soon and start a counter-movement, then so be it.

If we can\’t trust the folks we elected, then who we can we trust?

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