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Psaltery and Serpentines by Cecilia Martínez-Gil

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Subject: Cecilia Martínez-Gil\’s collection Psaltery and Serpentines: a book of poems

Date: Oct. 4, 2010 Contact: Robert L. Giron (703.351.0079)

October 4, 2010 (Arlington, VA) Gival Press is pleased to announce the release of Cecilia Martínez-Gil\’s collection Psaltery and Serpentines: a book of poems, winner of the Gival Press Poetry Award.

About the Author: CECILIA MARTINEZ-GIL has published in Voices: A Santa Monica Women’s College Publication, Anthology of Latin American Writers in Los Angeles, and Imaginarias: Antología de Poesía (Ediciones de la Crítica, Montevideo, Uruguay). She translated and adapted from Spanish to English the critically acclaimed book Escape de Punta Carretas: LA FUGA by Eleuterio Fernández Huidobro, for a film project in 1999. She also co-wrote and played the lead character in the award-winning experimental video Itinerarios, directed by Roberto Mascaró. A graduate of both USC and UCLA, she is currently pursuing a master’s degree in English and creative writing at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Originally from Montevideo, Uruguay, she now lives in Santa Monica, California.

Praise: Psaltery and Serpentines kisses its readers on the mouth so that the poetry becomes ‘the ripe fruit to . . . lips,’ and one wakes to loving poetry, this poetry in particular. Cecilia Martínez-Gil welcomes the reader into the world of poetry as a partner in the creative act, and readers engage this book-length seduction as tango partners and ‘symphonic creatures.’… Opening this book to any of its poems will sweep the imagination into the poet’s creation, and its reviewer’s lips will burn for hundreds of kisses.” —Rich Murphy, author of Voyeur & judge for the 2009 Gival Press Poetry Award

“…This is a luscious and lustrous collection of poems, a delightful first book from a poet who demonstrates convincingly here both the gravity and the joy of her calling.” —Gail Wronsky, author of Dying for Beauty

“Reading Cecilia Martínez-Gil’s collection of psaltery serpentines, one feels the supremacy of metaphor and music over meaning and sense. ” —Prof. Mario René Padilla, Santa Monica College

Fact Sheet for Psaltery and Serpentines: a book of poems October 2010 Trade Paper 114 Pages ISBN 978-1-928589-52-5 Gival Press, Arlington, VA Available through Ingram from BookMasters,, & other outlets.

Click on the link: Buy a copy at

About the Publisher: GIVAL PRESS is an award-winning, privately owned press located in Arlington, Virginia, founded in 1998. Gival Press publishes literary work that has a social or philosophical message in English, French, and Spanish. Gival Press also sponsors four annual contests for fiction and poetry, including the Gival Press Poetry Award, Gival Press Novel Award, Gival Press Oscar Wilde Award, and Gival Press Short Story Award. #####

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