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Stanley Niamatali\’s Poetry

If you are craving poetry with a bit of exotic flavor, check out Stanley Niamatali\’s samplying of poetry at ArLiJo.


I bring you a papaya; you call me your sailor. The knife lays bare symmetry of halves, once one. Succulent sienna flesh, germinated from a hard seed of this earth, melts with a delicacy unlike this earth. Pulpy seeds release savory fire. The sky is full of birds. You put your hands over your eyes. Jude, your hound, howls at a spiraling leaf. The blue shell in the fallen nest oozes liquid time. I reach for your hand.

Copyright © 2011 by Stanley Niamatali.

Stanley Niamatali, born in Guyana, has been published by Oberon, Full Circle and Anthology of Appalachian Writers and The Caribbean Writer.

Visit: ArLiJo

Keep the ArLiJo Poetry Award in mind.

Co-sponsored by the Arlington Arts Center and Gival Press, with a deadline of September 30, 2011. For the details, please click on this link:

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