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The Literary Washington, DC Scene Thrives

Sunday\’s panel at the Writer\’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland, was quite an eye-opener with regard to the literary scene in Washington, DC.

With well over eleven different editors/publishers representing journals, magazines, publishing collectives, and small presses, the audience was given a pretty good view of the realities of publishing. Certainly the author/poet in the area has plenty of options for publication from online to book form.

Though not all journals and magazines in the immediate area were present, Folio , Poet Lore, and Tameme, for example, were not represented, the wealth of knowledge and experience from the editors/publishers was extremely impressive. There were some with over 30 years of experience in the field, who regardless of the harsh realities of publishing are still committed to making a difference in the business. I say business because the truth of the matter is that whether one is a non-profit or for-profit entity somehow the bills need to get paid or the entities would not continue. And so I thank those who have continued to dedicate hour after hour, year in and year out, to make a positive contribution to the field of publishing in the Washington, DC area if not beyond.

So hurray for Bogg, Dryad, Gargoyle, Gival Press, Minimus, Passager, Potomac Review, Pretend Genius, WordWorks, Washington Writers\’ Publishing House, and WordWrights! who continue to make a difference in field of literature.

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