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¡Viva México!

El grito / the call for independence went out over 200 years ago and sadly not all the problems are resolved.

Yet the spirit of Mexico is stronger than ever and let no one underestimate the will of the people. As Mexicans say: \”We forgive but we don\’t forget.\” Not necessarily for revenge but for protection.

With all the negativity whirled at Mexico and the mess that the drug lords have created in Mexico itself, nonetheless, to deny or negate one\’s ethnic background or cultural ties is counter-intuitive if not destructive for the inner soul.

And it\’s the inner soul of Mexico and its people that will eventually save it from individuals who wish to dominate it and its people. For regardless of one\’s social rank or social class, the bottom line is simple: When the human spirit is abused by any entity, be it royal, religious, cultural or political, the people will rebel and fight for their independence and it\’s that spirit that I celebrate and some of my ancestors did as well.

¡Qué viva México y su espíritu! no matter what form it takes and no matter where it lies.

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