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An Inconvenient Truth Is too Close to Reality to Ignore

Former Vice-President Al Gore has done us all a great service by bringing global warming to the attention to the world. Too bad that many world leaders, like our own currently, cannot face the truth.

Director David Guggenheim has given Al Gore the perfect medium to educate the world about a major disaster which is occurring at this very moment. Saddly many fail to recognize what is actually happening mostly because we are all so busy with our lives as they are and caught up in the madness to use resources and produce pollution senselessly and to discard of waste in the same manner instead of recycling, etc.

To see what is happening on the globe, one need only compare present day pictures of glaciers in Europe or on Kilimangaro to pictures taken 10 years ago to see that the ice is melting. In fact just last night I was watching France2 which pointed out that an ice berg that ended up near New Zealand has begun to melt in the sea. One need only to look around and notice the ice melting and the hotter summer days to realize that we are in the middle of global warming. Eventually many sea coast cities will be under water as a result.

Wouldn\’t it be wonderful if all CEOs of major USA corporations were to see this movie and began to make changes in their corporations to create new technologies to prevent the present level of pollution they are creating? They could and should do this because if the economy falters or major population areas are devasted chances are their corporations\’ profits will begin to decline and some could find themselves out of business altogether.

To order a copy of the DVD, click here: An Inconvenient Truth

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