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Isaac James Baker is a 26-year-old writer originally from New Jersey. A journalist and reporter by trade, he currently works as a communications specialist for the federal government and is working on a master’s degree in fiction writing from Johns Hopkins University. His first novel, Broken Bones, the story of a young man’s struggle in a psychotic ward for individuals with anorexia nervosa, is being published by Historical Pages Company in 2010. He lives in Washington , D.C.

NC Weil prefers the elbow room of novels to the restricted arc of short stories, though she writes both along with songs, poems and film reviews. Her fiction has appeared in the anthology Electric Grace (Paycock Press, 2007). Weil is the President of the Washington, DC Chapter of the Women\’s National Book Association, a network of women and men devoted to books and literacy for over 90 years.

To visit the Washington, DC Chapter of Women\’s National Book Association, click on the link below: WNBA

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