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Beltway Poetry Quarterly announces a new issue!

Kim Roberts, editor of Beltway Poetry Quarterly sends us the latest news below:

Beltway Poetry Quarterly announces a new issue!

Volume 9, Number 3, Summer 2008

The Forebears Issue includes essays that celebrate individuals and locations important to their writing:

a photo essay on DC AUTHOR\’S HOUSES by Kim Roberts and Dan Vera Taquiena Boston and Vera J. Katz on OWEN DODSON M.A. Schaffner on AMBROSE BIERCE Grace Cavalieri on ANN DARR Olivia Barbee on GWENDOLYN BENNETT Kathi Morrison-Taylor on JOAQUIN MILLER Myra Sklarew on LEON-GONTRAN DAMAS Merrill Leffler on GABRIELLE EDGCOMB Elisavietta Ritchie on JOHN PAUKER Mark Opsasnick on JIM MORRISON and BEAT COFFEEHOUSES.

This issue is the third in a series documenting the rich literary history of Washington, DC. Read it here:

Beltway Poetry Quarterly is also pleased to welcome our new summer intern, Alyssa Schimmel. Alyssa is serving as an editorial assistant, and has already updated one of our most popular sections of the Beltway Resource Bank, which provides links to other web sites featuring individual area poets, past and current. The Poet Links list can be found here:

Finally, we are happy to announce that Maureen Thorson has agreed to co-edit a new themed issue of the journal, on the subject of museums. We invite poems on the theme from any poets currently living in DC, MD, VA, WV, or DE, and will be reading entries throughout the month of August.

Full guidelines can be found here:

Beltway Poetry Quarterly

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