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Bob Dylan and Neil Young

Bob Dylan\’s XM Radio program began yesterday and will run every Wednesday at 10 am. Take a chance at it and you will be filled with lots of options to follow up on. Yesterday\’s focus was on the weather and so there were songs by various singers on the theme of rain, sun, wind, etc. Dylan mixes the songs with bits of history; for example, \”Just Walking in the Rain\” was by a parolee. He paid homage to the rich influence and legacy of black singers from the 1940s to Jimi Hendrix.

Walk down memory lane and catch a tune you might have heard of years ago or perhaps never but don\’t be surprised if you have hints of the influence from another age in the music of today. Alas, we all borrow from each other and make it different.

Also take a look at Neil Young\’s website and dip into his latest album \”Living with War\”

Or simply listen:

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