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Boomerline Company Gives Back to Sound Organizations

I believe it is quite refreshing when a new company comes along with the principle of giving back to organizations that its partners believe in.

Taking the idea that many of us are approaching what used to be called the golden years, now most are calling the 80s the new elderly years, into the companies essence, Boomerline LLC has blossomed into being by its partners Mark and Craig Riley and Mike Lewis.

What is also unique is that proceeds from any sales go to support two very deserving organizations: American Humane Attachment and Trauma Network and American Humane\’s Pets and Women\’s Shelters (PAWS) Program.

By displaying its mascot, Boomer the dog, on shirts and hats Boomerline illustrates that the many things that Boomers enjoy from biking and boating to grilling and golfing can also support others in need.

The American Humane\’s Pets and Women\’s Shelters (PAWS) Program guides domestic and family violence emergency housing shelters toward permitting residents to bring their pets with them. PAWS acknowledges the richness of the bond between people and their pets, which often provide unconditional love and comfort to adult domestic violence victims and their children. For that reason – as well as for the safety of the pets – American Humane strongly advocates keeping domestic violence victims and their pets together whenever possible.

Click here for more information about this program: American Humane\’s Pets and Women\’s Shelters (PAWS)Program

The Attachment and Trauma Network connects adoptive and foster families to resources and support groups worldwide to provide hope and healing for the children in their care. Active parent support and training, coupled with innovative therapeutic ideas, such as the use of therapy dogs, helps quiet the chaos and put these families on the path to health.

Click here for more information about this program: Attachment and Trauma Network

So if you need a new hat or shirt and want to support a good cause in the process, click on the link below and Go For It!

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