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"Box of Blue Horses" by Lisa Graley Is Now Available

Lisa Graley\’s debut collection of poetry which won the 14th Annual Gival Press Poetry Award-2012 has been released.

This collection which John Wood describes as being \”unlike any other poem I have read and unlike the work of any other poet I know. The richness of her language somewhat suggests Hart Crane’s voyages among the adagios of his islands. But her words are more than merely beautiful. They, to use a passage from her poem, ‘pummel / the kicking boards of our hearts,’ and they do that because they so often can be read in more than one way. She asks ‘who can hold / a blue herd of horses /unless she box / the shadow of the universe?’ Does Graley mean fight or enclose—or both? With each of my readings of this book, Lisa Graley’s Blue Horses grew richer and more powerful, which is exactly what we demand and expect of the finest poetry.”

Photo of Lisa Graley by Chelsea Ellison (2013).

Graley is a native of West Virginia and currently is an assistant professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where she teaches English and Humanities and coordinates the Interdisciplinary Humanities program. She has published stories and poems in Glimmer Train Stories, The McNeese Review, and Water~Stone Review.

Ask for the book at your local bookstore, visit, or contact Gival Press: Box of Blue Horses on sale at Visit: Gival Press

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