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Boys, Lost & Found: Stories Is Released by Gival Press

Boys, Lost & Found: Stories by Charles Casillo has just been released by Gival Press.

According to Edward Field, \”These fascinating, often funny, stories that engage the heart, lead us on quite a safari through the perils and joys of gay life. Casillo\’s characters–sexy Italian-Americans with operatic, roller coaster emotional lives–search unstoppably for love, from feverish New York to exotic Los Angeles. Congratulations for a fine-tuned, courageous performance!\”

Felice Picano, a gay icon, describes the collection: \”Casillo\’s surprising and accomplished collection reveals a heart-felt observer of life\’s emotional emergencies and indignities told with immediacy and feeling.\”

Casillo\’s stories, which could easily be used in a Gay Studies course because of its real-to-life portrayals, does not fail to entertain and keep the reader turning each page to discover yet another provocative character.

Casillo is also the author of the biography Outlaw: The Lives and Careers of John Rechy, whose City of Night is a classic. Casillo who has a fascination about Marilyn Monroe also wrote The Marilyn Diaries.

The book is available at local bookstores as well as by contacting Gival Press (703.351.0079).

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