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Bravo, Al Gore & the U.N. Panel!

Hurrah for Al Gore, who would have been our president if the Supreme Court had had better wisdom and less partisan twisting of the arm, for having been granted the Nobel Peace Prize along with the United Nations\’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change!

Along with his Academy Award-winning documentary under his belt, Gore has made his mark on the globe and to his credit people are not only listening but changing their habits. As small as it might be, my partner has taken up commuting to DC by bicycle for that past 2 years and recently sold an unneeded car. When a car is needed there is always Flexcar or something similar for rent an hour or two or my car is available.

For the current administration to continue to ignore the damage its policies have done on our environment is like a slow kill. It will take years to undo the damage and by then the body could become a corpse. Government is supposed to protect the people whose government it is. Government should not allow major corporations to abuse laws that were created to protect the people and the environment. If only Gore that been given what he actually won, our world might be quite different today.

To his credit, Gore accepted the verdict placed on him by the Supreme Court but history will not be kind to the justices who allowed or who are allowing such damage to our Constitutional rights be carried out all in the name of \”terrorism\” which is quite real but which damnably has been a money-making process for the administration\’s groupies such that \”scare the American people to death\” has become the mantra in order for them to win or perhaps even steal elections.

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