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Call for Action Against Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

Who knew that while on a quick trip to El Paso, Texas (I grew up here and my family lives here) that I would get involved in calling for action against an act of discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Let me explain. In today\’s El Paso Times newspaper there is an article about an incident that happened on June 29, 2009 at Chico\’s Tacos, a Mexican restaurant. It appears several gay men were waiting in line for their fast food when two gays kissed each other on the lips. What happened next is what has many folks in El Paso and the ALCU in an uproar.

The restaurant\’s guard told the men they had to leave because of their lewd behavior; a discussion continued to the point of the guard having to call the local police to have the men escorted out of the restaurant.

What is insane is that the police told the men that the Texas law on homosexual conduct covered their lewd behavior and that they had to leave. Cut to the present: The ALCU is now looking into this because as they so ably reported the Supreme Court ruled the Texas law unconstitutional in 2003.

I have so far called the City of El Paso\’s Mayor office and was only able to leave a message to complain about the incident and also called the City of El Paso Police Department and just now filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General.

Now, if two straights had kissed, would they have been told to leave the restaurant?

I hope this is all resolved in an efficient manner and also to the point that the police in El Paso are educated better with regard to people\’s rights and current Texas law.

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