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Catch a Film This Weekend–Bring in the New Year!

The New Year has rung in and so far I\’m recovering from body fatigue (a cold and work on my tooth)–it\’ll get better.

I\’ve been busy getting tax information in order and need a break, sigh, yes, this has to get done and will but let me digress.

Since Christmas I\’ve been able to catch a few moments of bliss: 1. Lovingly watching snow fall on the Franklin Mountains of El Paso before Christmas and perhaps all the while a bit anxious because I wasn\’t able to travel over the mountain to see my sister and nephews and nieces but wrapped up in getting my iPhone apps in order. Nonetheless, the snow was lovely and I got a day of needed lost time.

2. I heard Iestyn Davies, countertenor, perform at The Phillips Collection. Quite a treat considering that we had heard him the day before in \”Rodelinda\” from the Met via Live DVD. It\’s amazing what one can do with his voice, the first musical instrument, and yet still sound manly to boot in real life.

3. Yet the best escape was watching \”The Artist\” a silent film made in 2011. This is directed by Michel Hazanavicius, who also wrote the scenario and dialogue (–for the reader). The stars: Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo were heavenly and John Goodman does a very good job.

The silent George Valentin is seeing his career take a tailspin in the Hollywood of 1927 because of the Talkies, while his partner of sorts Peppy Miller\’s speaking acting career raises and eventually they are involved (I won\’t spoil it for you; you have to see this film.).

4. If you can\’t get to Hawaii but love seeing it in films, then go out and see \”The Descendants\” directed by Alexander Payne (Writers: Alexander Payne (screenplay), Nat Faxon (screenplay),with Nat Faxon (screenplay) & Jim Rash (screenplay) based on Kaui Hart Hemmings\’ novel).

George Clooney is the lead, with Shailene Woodley and Amara Miller. It\’s not a fun film but it\’s not \”Terms of Endearment\” but close; enough said.

So there you are–some suggestions for some safe escapes. Enjoy.

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