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"Company" at Signature Theatre: Another Hit

Eric Schaeffer\’s Company by Stephen Sondheim, book by George Furth, has pulled it off once again: It\’s a hit.

While no cast director is listed, probably Eric himself, I have to say that this is one of the crucial elements that makes for breaks a play / musical and the cast works in tandem and smoothly, all with super voices. In fact, the finale number: \”Being Alive\” brought tears to my eyes as Matthew Scott sang it last night. Equally as powerful were Carolyn Cole, who plays Marta \”Another Hundred People\”, and Erin Weaver, who plays Amy \”Getting Married Today.\”

The use of TV monitors on the upper level works quite nicely and adds to the production without overdoing it. The use of props, as always, moves seamlessly (scenic design, Daniel Conway). The lighting (Chris Lee), sound (Matt Rowe), the costumes (Frank Labovitz) worked exceptionally well during the hat routine (choreography, Matthew Gardiner).

There was nothing about this production that one could possibly point to and say: this is off. Just the opposite: It works \”like butter.\” All which would make Sondheim proud.

So put this on your list of things to see this summer.

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