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Dante Micheaux Wins the Oscar Wilde Award

Dante Micheaux of New York City has won the 2006 Gival Press Oscar Wilde Award for his poem Bread Boy.

_____________________________________________________ Bread Boy ­ for Ruzdo Gasi

The weight of the loaves isn’t heavy enough to break the sway of his hips through the narrow alleys of Venice.

He is a local delivery boy on his way to leave bread on the window sills of the vecchiettas that run pensions for tourists.

The look over his shoulder and smile tells me that, like the bread, he wants to be kneaded, baked, dipped in oil and eaten.

Copyright © 2006 by Dante Micheaux. _____________________________________________________

The final judge for the contest was last year\’s winner Julie Marie Wade. Those who received Honorable Mention are listed below:

If my father dressed as a woman by Teresa Stores of Newtane, Vermont.

Testing Abraham by Julie R. Enszer of University Park, Maryland.

Viscous by Ed Madden of Columbia, South Carolina.

Kate\’s Pantoum by Jennifer Pruden Colligan of Nassau, New York.

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