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David Winner Wins the Gival Press Novel Award-2009

Gival Press is pleased to announce that David Winner of Brooklyn, New York has won the 5th Annual Gival Press Novel Award for his novel The Cannibal of Guadalajara. Mr. Winner will receive $3,000.00 and his novel will be published in 2010. His manuscript was read anonymously and chosen by the final judge John Domini.

“Is this about ruptured families and their reframing? About Latin and North America commingling by way of Manhattan and Mexico, in a mess of nightmare and dream? Or have we a fine and bumpy ride, comic and yet catch-in-the-throat, through the surprises of sex and romance in a hitherto undemonstrative woman now nearing 60? The answer, as you\’d expect in a thwacking sweetheart of a novel, is all the above. Small wonder that its turning points generally arrive, with a satisfying bang!, during expansive and complicated meals. Small wonder that expectations about who will wind up with whom, and why, get delightfully upended. For all the control with which it\’s written—always at just distance enough for a smile, but never enough for a smirk—The Cannibal of Guadalajara proves anything but a finicky eater.”—John Domini, judge & professor of English and Creative Writing at Grinnell College and author of The Tomb on the Periphery


David Winner has received two Pushcart nominations and first prize in The Ledge\’s 2003 Fiction Contest. His work has appeared in The Village Voice, Fiction, Confrontation, Corland Review, Staple, Dream Catcher Phantasmagori, KGB, and several other literary magazines in the USA and the UK. A film based on a short story of his was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007, and he\’s the fiction editor of The American, a magazine based in Rome.


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