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Ed Cox & Joyce Renwick\’s Work Kept Alive by Paycock Press

Avid readers of the late poet Ed Cox and the late fiction writer Joyce Renwick are encouraged to read two collections recently published by Paycock Press.

These include Collected Poems by Ed Cox who died in 1992, but whose work was praised by such poets as Gwendolyn Brooks: \”Ed Cox is interested in Making a Difference, through acts and through poetry (which for him, is act). His work clarifies for us much that is opaque and dizzying in this most complex of times.\”

A gay poet, Ed Cox, would be pleased that his work is still out in print, regardless of the fact that the press is not gay owned. What matters is the work and getting a poet\’s work to the public, for that Paycock Press should be commended.

With regard to In Praise of What Persists by Joyce Renwick, this is the first published collection of her work. Unfortunately prior to 1995, when she died, her work had only appeared in such journals as The Southern Review, Sewanee Review, Best American Short Stories among others.

Of her work, Julia Alvarez stated: \”Joyce Renwick lets us into the hearts, minds and souls of so many different characters. It is like having her back among us to read these moving and luminous stories.\”

To acquire copies visit: Paycock Press

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