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Ellis Avery\’s "The Smoke Week" Released as ebook

Read this compelling award-winning memoir written by Ellis Avery in ebook format. The book was published by Gival Press in 2003.

The Smoke Week: Sept. 9-11, 2001 tells the story of the week of 9/11 and what New Yorkers saw, felt, and experienced during this tragedy. This award-winning memoir is both personal and stands as a testimonial of this historical nightmare.

\”Here is Witness. Here is Testimony.\” —Maxine Hong Kingston

\”Real work of art\” –Bruce Newman, The San Jose Mercury News

“…Stories will keep falling for years to come. Poets do it best, I think. Nothing to wrap up. Ellis Avery arrives at her Smoke Week like any New Yorker, hadn’t planned to live through a disaster, yet she talks exactly like she did. It happened to her in a city that she knew and is learning to know differently. Her account is human, historic, falls exactly like poetry, and is simply a very good read.” —Eileen Myles

Biography: Ellis Avery teaches creative writing at Columbia University. She is the author of a novel, The Teahouse Fire and her most recent work The Last Nude. Her work has appeared in The Village Voice, Publishers Weekly, and Kyoto Journal, and has been produced onstage at New York\’s Expanded Arts Theater.

Buy an ebook now at Barnes and Noble (Nook): The Smoke Week at

Buy an ebook now at (Kindle): The Smoke Week at

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