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Gival Press Releases On the Tongue by Jeff Mann

Gival Press has just released a rather provocative collection of poetry by Virginian Jeff Mann.

Trebor Healey, author of Sweet Song of Pan described the collection in the following manner: \”On the Tongue is a poetry of sensuality, elemental as stone, wood and wind, outside of time and yet totally rooted in place. Jeff Mann is undoubtedly a modern incarnation of Pan and the Appalachians are his Arcadia. He weaves a brilliantly pagan eroticism, at once tender, yet forceful and hard, like the hard-shelled seeds that spring from the fragilest of flowers. These poems are both and, in that breadth, nothing short of extraordinary.”

For one who is out in Appalachia of all places, one can understand the following comments by author Ian Philips, “Jeff Mann is the Sappho of Appalachia. I can think of no higher or truer praise. Like the legendary Lesbian bard, Mann roots the exquisite, fragmentary psalms and prayers that make up On the Tongue with extremely specific details and locales that become, word by word and beat by beat, universal and unforgettable flowerings and all because of these two poets deceptively simple art of singing hauntingly of that forever universal theme: desire, as deferred and sated by both gods and mortals.” Ian Philips is the author of Satyriasis and See Dick Deconstruct.

To buy a copy of On the Tongue at, please click below: On the Tongue

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