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Give Us a Break Rep. Barton and England

How in the world can a USA elected official have the gall to apologize to a company who agrees to pay for the damage it has done?

Sure some Republicans have kept their distance from Rep. Joe Barton of Texas (oh, my, land of my forefathers; but please don\’t judge us all by the same measure), but Rep. Barton then retracted his apology and then took it back and then tried to retract his retraction. Boy, that\’s some politics for you.

Now how can the English complain that their pensions are being affected by the money being laid out by BP for the damage they did. How about all the Americans\’ lives who have been destroyed by the company\’s incompetence? Who should pay for that if not the company that created the destruction.

What has become of responsibility and politics for the country not politics for powerful corporations?

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