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God Bless President Barack Obama

Just speaking/writing those 5 words are awesome. Who would have thought over 4 years ago that a senator from Illinois would be our 44th president? Though when I heard then Senator Obama speak at Kerry\’s nomination convention I knew then that Obama had something special that would one day affect this country.

After having lived through the 2000 election fiasco and then 4 more years of Bush, I thought I would never see the light of day, but good things come to those who wait. Thank God that America woke up and that Obama was there to inspire them. The fact that he is Black is a plus.

In the end, this country had to change and President Obama has succeeded in bringing us a step closer to making this happen.

No, I didn\’t leave this country I love so much, but I lived through the trauma thrust upon us by zealots gone awry and instead focused my energy in trying to instill in my students creative thinking and objective logic. Little by little, many others across this land did the same and using our collective energy we rallied around the man we could believe in.

Just like President Obama stated today, there may be mistakes made in the future, but at least he is willing to acknowledge them and learn from them.

Today, President Obama gave us all a charge to try to make a difference in the country we all love, be we Democrats, Republicans, Independents, conservatives or liberals–not a dirty word. In fact, we collectively must do our best to stop the nonsense of foxing news that creates lies and repeats them to make them believable to the really nonthinking.

To those who refuse to face up to the task at hand, may they awake up and realize that if they do not go with the flow to add to it or perhaps even change the makeup, they must realize that they will be left in the past.

Also to those who are stuck in the past, may they realize they must move forward and work with what they have and not focus on what they do not have because in the process of working with what they have they will in fact change the present and the future.

May God bless President Barack Obama and the USA.

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