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Health Care Aside Perhaps Poetry Will Cure the Ailment

Health Care:

Who knew people would get so riled up over the current health care issue?

Certainly is helps to learn via Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow that many of the folks who are attending political meetings are being supported if not paid by political groups and insurance companies to protest. Sadly many are protesting against a possible bill that might give them the insurance coverage they currently don\’t have. But then when one needs a buck, there is no telling what one will do for the almighty dollar.

Sadly, the unruly protests and people attending such sessions with their guns might make the most sane think twice about attending any such sessions.

Enough of politics, let\’s think of poetry. is featuring poetry by Lee Leong Koh and Jeff Walt. Here\’s the link:

For Lonely

Lying on top of you, my arms and knees support my body even as I grope for how much of me your frame will carry.

You hold me closer, you’re not heavy. So I lean a ladder into you, step hard up, and clamber to the top window

to hear you play Chopin’s Etude in C Minor. I enter through the window, drop into your room. I sit down quietly.

You come to a passage hazardous and slow like footsteps on decaying floorboards of an old house. The pedal mutes the piano.

Then I become afraid you will not be playing, beside me, with such quiet hope forever, for nightfall, for lonely,

and what that will do to me. I tiptoe to the window while stroking your forehead, lean back into myself, walk away below.

From Equal to the Earth (Bench Press, 2009) © by Jee Leong Koh. Reprinted by permission of Bench Press.

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