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Hedy Habra Releases Two Books

Hedy Habra of Michigan has recently had two books released; one in the USA and the other in Spain.

Flying Carpets:

The stories in Flying Carpets recover lost, partially forgotten and imaginary spaces, progressing from the concrete to the universal. The first two sections move between Egypt and Lebanon with a touch of magic realism. The characters become less rooted in time and space in the second half of the collection as the dreamlike elements intensify. Throughout the book, storytelling and fortunetelling evoke a mythical past that is at the same time lost yet alive: love, loss, the yearning for alternate worlds, and the need to reinvent oneself through art permeate its pages. (published by March Street Press)

Mundos alternos y artísticos en Vargas Llosa (Alternate and Artistic Worlds in Vargas Llosa):

This scholarly book explores the function of characters’ interiority, and the way Vargas Llosa uses the linguistic sign to create images or to reproduce visual art (paintings, photographs) by means of the character’s fantasies or musings, which in turn, convert them into fictional authors and at times into producers of short films. This study underlines the cultural context of the erotic imagination and its role in artistic creation as well as in the development of individual thinking and the articulation of power struggles. (published by Iberoamericana/Vervuert)

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