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Help Stop Discrimination Against Gays in Costa Rica

Jeff Rivera and his partner recently visited Costa Rica and because they simply held hands they were asked to leave the restaurant and now a case is going before the Supreme Court in Costa Rica.

Please help Jeff River, Editor-in-Chief of Gatekeepers Post, and his partner help stop discrimination against gays and others in Costa Rica and perhaps the rest of Latin America if this case gets the attention it deserves.

Please visit his site below and read about it in his own words. Then below I have listed the email addresses you are encouraged to write to in Costa Rica asking that this case be decided in favor of non-discrimination.

Here are the email addresses of the offices to contact regardng this case in Costa Rica:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

—My email letter to them—

Dear Magistrate,

I am in full support of Geovanny Delgado Castro and Jeff Rivera. Discrimination should not be tolerated whether it is against gays, lesbians, blacks or Asians.

To show my support my family and I do not plan on visiting Costa Rica until this issue is resolved in a fair and just way.

Please make the right decision regarding this case: #Exp 1149-81-0007-CO.

Sincerely, Robert L. Giron Publisher, Gival Press

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