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Honey by Richard Carr Wins the Gival Press Poetry Award

Gival Press is very pleased to announce that Richard Carr of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the winner of the 9th Annual Gival Press Poetry Award-2007.

His manuscript was read anonymously and chosen by Barbara Louise Ungar, winner of the award for the previous year.

In addition to having his book published by Gival Press, Richard Carr will receive a cash award of $1000.00 and twenty copies of his book.

The finalists\’ names and place of residence are listed below:


Elusive as the Snow Leopard by Arthur Ginsberg of Pasadena, California.

Rib of New Fruit by Ronda Broatch of Kingston, Washington.

The Myth of Gravity by Emily Lupita Plum of Atlanta, Georgia.

Why We Make Gardens by Jeanne Larsen of Roanoke, Virginia.

Advance Praise for Honey:

\”Honey is a tour de force. Comprised of 100 electrifying microsonnets, Richard Carr’s invention recalls Berryman’s Dreamsongs, for brilliance and wit, but is more readable. Open to any page: language and image startle and delight, like \’Einstein’s blown-fuse hairdo.\’ The whole sequence creates a narrative that becomes, like the Hapax Legomenon, a form that occurs only once in a literature.\”

—Barbara Louise Ungar, author of the award-winning collection The Origin of the Milky Way and final judge of the 2007 Gival Press Poetry Award

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