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How Many Have Lost the Trust?

Hoping that Americans have at least heard about the latest secret domestic surveillance program, remember all in the name of protecting Americans, I wonder how much longer we are going to allow Congress to allow our president to violate our Constitutional rights.

I want to be protected as anyone else in the USA would want to be from terrorists, etc. but the issue is how does one do that without violating our laws and without destroying our Fourth Amendment—searches without warrants.

I read with interest that Qwest is the only major company that refused to comply with the request to provide access to literally millions of phone calls made by Americans. The question we should all be asking companies such as AT&T, Verizon, and BellSouth is: Why did they comply to deluge private information without a warrant? Mind you, not of just one or two select individuals but millions and millions of individuals across this country. Certainly Americans should be calling their Representatives and Senators to convey their outrage.

What other secret programs has our president undertaken without legal protocol? All to protect us—yea, right. There are legal procedures in place to address such matters if individuals need to be monitored, etc.

To invoke 9/11, as President Bush so readily does as to cover everything he does, is best put as The New York Times editor states: \”The attacks that day firmed the nation\’s resolve to protect itself against its enemies, but they did not give the president the limitless power he now claims to intrude on the private communications of the American people.\”

President Bush defends this policy, but how many Americans can truly believe anything he tells us given his track record?

Again I ask: How long is it going to take before all Americans (Democrats as well as Republicans) begin to question the actions taken by our president and how long is it going to take Congress to keep our Constitution from being dismantled? For years now there has been little balance of power as required by our Constitution. It\’s time for Congress and our Courts to speak up.

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