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Hussein & Al Qeada Had No Relationship / ABC and Path to 9/11

I find it rather odd, but perhaps not so strange living in such a political milieu as metropolitan Washington, DC, that a president would take something such as Saddam Hussein\’s government and link it to Al Qaeda in order to justify invading the country of Iraq.

In today\’s The Washington Post (9/9/06) the headline read: \”Iraq\’s Alleged Al-Qaeda Ties Were Disputed Before War: Links Were Cited to Justify U.S. Invasion, Report Says. The New York Times (9/9/06) headline read: \”C.I.A. Said to Find No Hussein Link to Terror Chief.\”

Imagine all the damage and loss of life not to mention the countless millions of dollars already spent and yet to be spent that the Bush Administration has caused as a result of Bush rallying up the troops to respond to the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Bush repeatedly said that Hussein and Al Qaeda were linked and that is why we had to invade Iraq, yet now we know that even the CIA knew this was a lie. Could the real reason for the war as most said before the war be oil and Bush wanting to get back at Hussein for the threat made against his father?

How Americans can allow Bush to get away with this and now use 9/11 as a political event to attack those who question his honesty if not his lapse of reason to justify going to war and stay at war in a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 is beyond comprehension.

The media and Congress owe it to the American people and Democracy to make the Bush Administration tell us the truth and to stop abusing our Constitution.

History is not going to be kind to those who have allowed our Democracy to be destroyed because they are afraid of Bush and gang and those who intimidate anyone who doesn\’t always agree with their position.

Elected officials took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the media must not allow anyone regardless of position to dismantle the basic fundamental rights given to us by our forefathers.

Not any Republican or Democrat who is too complacent or afraid to speak up and defend what they were elected to do must be permitted to be railroaded by the vary totalitarian tactics that Bush and gang have begun to mention in speeches.

Fascism does not exist unless a consorted effort is made by a government of a nation to act like a totalitarian power. A group of terrorists does not make fascism unless it is consorted and supported by the complete state as with Hitler in Nazi Germany.

When a political group tries to stop public debate and discussion within the confines of freedom of speech, then we must begin to wonder if we are heading toward a fascist state ourselves. Especially if the media is complacent and allows it to happen.

Now we have ABC about to release a docudrama entitled Path to 9/11 which attempts to blame the Clinton Administration for the attacks when it was Bush himself who was on vacation in Texas and who chose to ignore the email about a possible threat–terrorists using airplanes as weapons.

Supposedly, the film also suggests that Clinton is at fault for not killing Osama bin Laden; never mind that it was illegal to assassinate anyone under USA law and that at the time bin Laden had not yet attacked the USA.

This begs the question: Where is Osama bin Laden now and why did the Bush Administration disband the CIA unit to try to locate him and bring him to justice?

As someone who owns a few shares of Disney which owns ABC, I feel compelled to not only boycott Disney products but also to sell my Disney stock should ABC be permitted to use 9/11 in a political fashion in order to benefit the Republican agenda and further divide this country.

The victims of 9/11 should not be used in a manner that allows anyone to gain politically from their death. The fact that Bush is and ABC is about to do this is not only disgusting but disrespectful to the national tragedy and the victims and their families. We must also remember that there were non-Americans killed in the attacks and so this is an international event not just an American event.

It is sad if not disgraceful that the Bush Administration has been allowed to destroy the goodwill the world showed the USA after the attacks on 9/11 to a state today in which the USA is no longer trusted if not hated by many of our former allies. Yes, European leaders still deal with our government, but what option do they have when Americans seem to care less and continue to put Bush clone-types into office who continue to perpetuate the same policies that incite such hatred towards the USA.

It is time for Americans to begin to ask themselves: What are we doing as a nation that is making the world hate us so much?

Granted, we cannot expect the whole world to love or even like us but we can at least begin to change our ways if we are provoking others to hate us to the point that they want to destroy us.

I remember George Santayana who stated \”Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.\”

In order to learn from history one needs to be objective to be able to ask the hard questions and also be able to accept the hard answers, even if they do not match one\’s expectations. And in order to be able to do this one must have an open, reflective society that allows individuals to express themselves freely without fear of retaliation.

When Americans can no longer ask questions freely without being retaliated against, then we will no longer have a Democracy but a totalitarian or fascist society.

God help us.

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