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Is America Afraid of Gays?

Hurrah for Kevin Huffman for his Washington Post article \”A Super Bowl ad too far? Straights can take it\” (2/6/2010) for calling CBS on the carpet for rejecting the ManCrunch ad and for telling it like it is.

To quote Huffman: \”The vast majority of Americans now say they have a close friend or relative who is gay or lesbian. This may be a radical proposition, but maybe it\’s time for our cultural institutions to go ahead and let people out of the closet. Somehow, I suspect the heterosexual community will survive.\”

For those of you who haven\’t yet seen the rejected ad from ManCrunch, click on the link from below and see for yourself:

It also seems more than one political spokesman has a taste for hypocrisy. McCain has done a I take back my words on the position of letting gays serve openly in the military, even though in the past he said he would listen to the Military speak. For the record, the military has spoken, and so McCain now doesn\’t like what they have to say about repealing the policy.

Why are Americans so afraid of gays? After seeing District 9 (the film up for a Best Picture Academy Award), gays can\’t be any more powerful or dangerous than aliens from outerspace yet one would think so by the way Americans seem to behave.

Never mind that numerous countries, including Israel, have gays and lesbians serving opening in the military, all with efficiency.

Is the USA that weak? that afraid?

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