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Joan G. Gurfield Wins the 2018 Gival Press Short Story

Gival Press is pleased to announce that Joan G. Gurfield of Santa Monica, California has won the 2018 Gival Press Short Story Award for her story titled The Resistance, which was chosen anonymously by judge Elaine C. Ray. Gurfield received a prize of $1K.

(Photo by Betty Sew Hoy)

About the Author Joan G. Gurfield has been a professor of English Literature and Creative Writing, an actress and theater director, arts editor of a small newspaper and (briefly) a totally incompetent waitress. Two of her short stories have been published in literary journals, and a longer piece was optioned for a feature film. Recently, she has written a collection of stories centered on the World War II era.

To read the story, click on the link to ArLiJo Issue No. 112.

Finalists Nephilim by Bonnie Roop Bowles of Roanoke, Virginia. The Last Usher by Lynn Miller of Los Ranchos, New Mexico The Reincarnate Word by Matthew Pitt of Fort Worth, Texas. Rubber Time by K. W. Oxnard of Savannah, Georgia.

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