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Joy Harjo's "Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings: poems"

As I traveled back from El Paso to Washington, DC, I was mesmerized in flight by Joy Harjo's writing in this metaphysical book of poetry.

Here Harjo gives us a profound calling of the Spirit, to see what is and what has happened towards reconciliation and self-discovery through words and acts of hope and love.

Joy Harjo rings the bell of truth through compassion and witness, hoping that all can find their place. In a dance of song and jazz, she carries us through the history of the Land, in the hopes that we all can be cleansed and can start over again that one day:

"We move with the lightness of being, and we will go

Where there's a place for us."

From "Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings: poems" (Copyright © 2015 by Joy Harjo, W.W. Norton & Company).

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