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Jules & Schimel Featured at / Paint Made Flesh If you are in the mood for some poetry, take a look at the poetry by Jacqueline Jules and Lawrence Schimel at Click here:

At the Phillips Gallery: If you are out and about in Washington, DC, take an hour or so and stop by the Phillips Collection and see the latest exhibit entitled \”Paint Made Flesh.\”

The works by such artists as Picasso, Bacon (a strange cookie he was), de Kooning (sorry I didn\’t pick up a small work of his over 10 years ago), and Lucien Freud (yes, a relative of Freud–perhaps even more strange than the Bacons).

Anyway, this collection more so than others works better because there is a theme going through the exhibit. There are many that make one stop and simply take in the images and contemplate: What was the artist doing here? What did he/she want to say? That perhaps is what makes me intrigued by art more than anything else–granted, a beautiful painting is wonderful but what I really enjoy is the provocation of forcing the viewer to think.

I don\’t recall the artists\’ names but these two really stood out: The featured artist on the post card for the exhibit (of two women\’s heads) and an artist\’s nude father walking (this one looks as though he is Lazarus risen from the dead and then I read that the artist\’s father had died–truly eerie).

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