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"Kid Victory" at Signature Is Victorious

\”Kid Victory\” now showing at Signature Theatre​ is quite a play. Be prepared to be entertained but you might need a drink after the play which runs without an intermission. The acting is on target and the lead actors leave one a bit drained. But that\’s what good theatre should do.

Lead character, Jake Winn, who plays Luke has the innocence and tenderness called for and his counter part Michael, played by Jeffry Denman, equally displays the ambiguity that these roles need in order to weave this story for the audience. The tricky part is that none of this was overdone and the subtly and nuances were all equally measured for a dramatic effect. Certainly the song \”You, If Anyone\” sung by Jeffry Denman gets under our skin and we find ourselves conflicted having witnessed the truth of the matter.

I need to signal out \”The Last Thing He Needs\” sung by Christine Noll and Sarah Litzsinger also is a high point in the play. All to say that the music by John Kander, who also did the story and book/lyrics with Greg Pierce, is moving and troubling at the same time. Director Liesl Tommy\’s approach to the play has delivered what I would imagine Kander wanted from this play which will be talked about for some time.

Now showing through March 22:

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