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  • Robert L. Giron

Kudos to José Andrés

Kudos to José Andrés originally from Spain and now a USA citizen who created World Central Kitchen to feed those in need of food literally around the world: Ukraine, Haiti, Gaza, etc.

All Peoples of the world deserve the right to exist without fear, famine, torture, wars, destruction of their homes, etc.

It hurts to see what is happening in Ukraine, Haiti, Gaza, Israel, spreading into Palestine, and parts of Africa.

It almost makes one not want to see what is happening in the world but to be and remain ignorant is not the answer.

I don't know how José Andrés managed that, but the People of Gaza must be treated with all the respect that Israel expects of its people. Humanity is Humanity, regardless of skin color, language, nationality, ethnicity, religion/spirituality, political association, or gender identification.

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