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Martin Ogle Reflects on Mother Earth

If you are wanting to read something about the effects on Mother Earth and enjoy learning about nature, take a look at Martin Ogle\’s new book In the Eye of the Hawk. Martin is a former Arlingtonian lost to the wonders of the mountains of Colorado.

\”Mixing humor with pathos, In The Eye of the Hawk seeks to break down the distinction between human-made systems and nature. Ogle is a student and advocate of the Gaia Theory, the scientific viewpoint of Earth as a single, complex living system. One of the original developers of this idea was the late Lynn Margulis, a widely venerated biologist, geosciences professor and the former wife of the late science writer Carl Sagan. She wrote the helpful foreword to this book, lending further context and pointing to the underlying value of In The Eye of the Hawk. Beyond the scope of its natural wisdom, Ogle’s book is in many ways a future letter addressed to his young twins who he hopes will read it in their later years.\”

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