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Mary Ann Larkin Featured on ArLiJo / The Golden Globes

Take a break from this extended weekend due to Martin Luther King, Jr., and our society that has decided to honor his life and contributions to our society, and read some poetry.

Here below is a sampling of Mary Ann Larkin\’s poetry from her most recent book of poetry.

Immigrant Daughter\’s Song

Gone, the silver-green silk of time winding down centuries of custom and kinship, the pouring of the sea, the stars on the slate of night, the moon stamping the spire of the church on the sand. Time itself changed to a ticking, a dot on a line. Customs of grace and gentleness gone name-saying and knowing who begat whom and when and where and who could work and who could sing and who would pray and who would not and where the fish ran and the wild plums hid and how the old mothers fit babies’ hands to the five-flowered hollows of blue ladyfingers, and whose father fought whose with golden swords a thousand years ago at Ballyferriter on the strand below the church. Gone from a silken spool unwinding to rooms of relics and loss behind whose locked doors I dream, not daring to wake.

from That Deep & Steady Hum by Mary Ann Larkin (2010, Broadkill River Press). Reprinted by permission. Copyright © 2010 by Mary Ann Larkin.

To read more, click on this link: Mary Ann Larkin on ArLiJo

The 69th Golden Globes:

And now to the Golden Globes, it seems I might have predicted the winners:

The film The Artist has won both Best Actor, Jean Dujardin, and best Picture: Comedy/Musical.

And The Descendants has just won for Best Picture: Drama and George Clooney won for Best Actor.

Meryl Streep has another win for The Iron Lady. What an incredible career she has had.

Then perhaps my favorite comedy Modern Family has won Best TV Comedy Series.

A good night and to all sweet dreams.

For the complete list, click here: The Golden Globes

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