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Maximus in Catland Is Released

Gival Press is pleased to announce the release of Maximus in Catland by David Garrett Izzo, a rather prolific writer. This volume also includes Purring Heights.

A recent review describes the book as follows:

\”Maximus in Catland is a charming book. For those among us who adore felines, as the author clearly does, there is the additional benefit of seeing an alternate history for beloved pets! David Garrett Izzo has written a fable set in a time when big cats were a sentient and, indeed, heroic race, while human beings were the greedy, cruel newcomers. The spiritually aware cats have to counter the power-mad and evil human Reltih, and the trio we first met as kittens—Huxley, Maximus and Princess—now grown, join forces to lead the battle against the human. Maximus in Catland has all the necessary ingredients for a successful fairy tale: good and evil, unrequited love and loving loyalty, heroism and ancient wisdom. When one spells the name of the cruel and avaricious human leader backwards, the fable becomes parable, and, much like C.S. Lewis\’s Narnia books, can be interpreted as straightforward fantasy or something a little deeper. \” —Jenny Ivor, author of Rambles

To order a copy, click on this link to Maximus in Catland

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