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Munich by Spielberg in Sync with the Times

Steven Spielberg\’s film Munich (2005) in light of recent developments between Israel and Hezbollah is both interesting and troubling at the same time.

I was impressed that Spielberg has stepped away from his Hollywood formula for films; this is perhaps his most dramatic film both in terms of its harsh reality but also because of the despair that the viewer has to process.

The script by Tony Kushner and Eric Roth is good because they did not cop out in trying to gloss over a disturbing topic. What we get as the viewer is perhaps only a glimpse of what actually is happening between the various camps and as suggested in the film perhaps our own government; all in the vain of trying to protect the innocent.

The sad fact is that the innocent are also casualties in this raw reality of ethnic hatred that is only going to increase as the hostilities continue in the Middle East.

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