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My Faith in Big Business (here BP) Is Restored

I have to say that I was pleased to hear that BP (formerly known as British Petroleum) has stated that it will make 20 billion dollars available for the damn mess they have created in the Gulf of Mexico.

I chalked this up to President Obama who no doubt applied pressure to get BP to cough up the money and to stand by their company.

I also believe that though stockholders of BP are international, the company nonetheless reflects on the United Kingdom and frankly I have heard many folks beginning to blame the UK outright. No matter how much of an Anglophile I am, I was/am quite pissed about what has transpired in the Gulf.

So in the long run, England\’s honor was on the line and I respect the company though I am repulsed by the damage BP has done in the Gulf of Mexico, damage that we will live with for 10 to 20 years, I fear.

Let\’s hope that the BP and the UK can be trusted to pay for the destruction.

That said, it\’s also time for us to begin thinking of other means of providing energy for the USA so that we are not victims of others\’ actions nor at the mercy of others\’ resources.

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