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National Days of Prayer / Republican Hypocrisy / Obama Still Has Grace

Native American Sacred Places: Today begins the national observance of Prayer to Protect Native American Sacred Places.

There will be numerous activities across the country. For more information, click on the link below: Morning Star Institute

Republican Hypocrisy: Will men, for rarely have we had an elected official who is female who has confessed to having an extra-marital affair, never learn?

President Clinton, Senator Edwards, and no doubt other Democrats have fallen into this pit. But it seems Republicans take the cake for not only falling into the pit of extra-marital affairs but they also embrace hypocrisy while stumbling.

That is, are these the family values Republicans seem to want to keep sacred by preventing same-sex partners from being able to engage in?

Now, single people are not less inclined to having extra-relationship affairs but GLBT folks at least have done so without the grace of marriage.

Did we forget that Newt Gingrich left his wife for a younger women and that he told his wife so while she was in her hospital bed?

Now we have Senator John Ensign who admits to an affair while in the past he condemned President Clinton for his indiscretion while in the White House.

I think the best philosophy is quite simple: Let he who is without sin throw the first stone.

What gets many quite angry is the hypocrisy of Republicans who purport to be models of virtue and family values while all the long they have sh-t on their shoes.

Oh, well, life continues as does Karma.

Obama Still Has Grace: Let Republicans, including our ex-President George W. Bush and ex-Vice President Cheney be aware that though folks are not completely happy with everything President Obama has done or will do in the future, we are still strongly behind President Obama and wish him success, for if the USA doesn\’t succeed, we are all in trouble.

So, President Obama, we hope your administration will listen more carefully to the public and make sure that they read what they submit on your behalf and we especially hope that you will make sure to make everyone aware that what they do represents you via their actions and words and that we do not want anyone to discredit your potential for success.

So as far as I am concerned, President Obama is still walking with grace and I pray that he will succeed in spite of the Rush Limbaughs who want him to fail.

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