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New Book Releases from Gival Press

Look for these titles which have been released by Gival Press this fall.

Julia & Rodrigo by Mark Brazaitis, winner of the Gival Press Novel Award, is a moving love story set in Guatemala.

“What a stunning novel! Julia & Rodrigo is ambitious, deeply felt, exquisitely written, masterfully structured, and informed by a wide-ranging knowledge of the culture and politics of Guatemala… In many ways as tragic as Romeo and Juliet, his novel follows its own poignant, yet unsentimental story line to an inevitable, sorrowful, and yet hope-filled end. I read this novel in one sitting late into the night; I could not put it down … An instructive book for readers of all ages and a perfect accompaniment to high school and university courses on Latin America, as well as a compelling book club choice.”—Marnie Mueller, author of Green Fires, The Climate of the Country, and My Mother’s Island

Box of Blue Horses by Lisa Graley, winner of the Gival Press Poetry Award is a stunning collection of poetry.

“Lisa Graley’s strange and beautiful book-length poem, Box of Blue Horses, is unlike any other poem I have read and unlike the work of any other poet I know. The richness of her language somewhat suggests Hart Crane’s voyages among the adagios of his islands. But her words are more than merely beautiful.…With each of my readings of this book, Lisa Graley’s Blue Horses grew richer and more powerful, which is exactly what we demand and expect of the finest poetry.”—John Wood, author of The Gates of the Elect Kingdom and Endurance and Suffering

The Day Rider and Other Stories by J. E. Robinson breaks the norm and presents characters nominally situated in one world who seek to join another, while being themselves. Many main characters ‘pass’—not merely in the conventional sense, of appearing as one race and acculturating as another, nor as one sexual orientation and moving conveniently into another as affections and conventions dictate, but also in its ‘unconventional’ senses, of moving from mortality to immortality, or from the oppressed and disadvantaged to being the oppressor and the privileged. This collection discusses the wide sweep of ‘passing’ and wonders whether doing so is an anathema to humanity or inherent to humanity.

Ask for these titles at your favorite bookstore or visit, Barnes and Noble or contact Gival Press.

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